Requirements today

Positioning means outlining attractive products and services. With today´s complexity of functions and relations no single company can cover all issues best at the same time. This is the reason for increase of projects between companies. In a few years, it will be standard for each product as a competitive asset to provide a low(er) energy consumption and increased sustainablity, not only performance. To achieve this, Mechatronics with light, stiff and reliable mechanical structures is necessary.
We at AFS are the right partner to support you due to all questions of products including fastening. It is important, that fastening must be optimized in any case for light weight design (e.g. arrangement of fasteners in structure, manufacturing, material specifics from aluminum, magnesium, titanium, plastics, CFRP, ceramics), tightening methods (e.g. elastic and over-elastic) for high performance combined with product reliability. If you have no optimized fastening system, you will not come to the optimum of your product.