Screw-Designer is a new analytical software tool for engineering design of threaded fastening systems. It is based on guideline VDI 2230, but works with a complete number of design criteria, which are evaluated automatically. It covers a really wide range of tightening and operating, geometries and materials. On top of all, it allows an intuitive handling: the design engineer can concentrate on his problem as a whole and needs no more hours of checking the rightness of equations and parameters - just see what happens in your fastening system.

A 4-level help system gives quick access to all features; a printed extensive user manual gives answer to all questions including a lot of background information due to threaded fastening systems in general and International Standards.


Works with a complete number of design criteria

An engineering calculation has to clarify, if the design does not fail over the entire product life time. To achieve this, all relevant dependencies have to be considered – Screw-Designer is using 22 different design criteria and an overall rating which are available at any time of calculation after input of thread size.


Covers a really wide range of tightening and operating, geometries and materials

For calculation of optimized fastening systems more capabilities than using simple standard screws with materials of well known property classes are necessary. The target of Screw-Designer is that any fastening system with any tightening procedure and any loading can be modeled. See more in Geometries & Materials.


Provides intuitive handling

Completely new is following approach: Screw-Designer is filling all missing input data with default values, so always the Design Analysis is available. In a first step the user only has to select some standard-definitions, which fit to his problem roughly. These are evaluated automatically by the integrated Design Analysis. Then he can refine his fastening system more or less following the instructions of Screw-Designer from the rating – until his design is rated as `safe'.