Screw-Designer is working just like any engineer: first look to the problem in general (only standard input) and then come to the details (input of further parameters). This is only possible by the so called `closed loop of mathematical dependencies', which does not know any errors by undefined values. If you have designed some fastening systems with Screw-Designer, you don't want to miss this tool.

Besides this, thousands of square meters of paper are dealing with mechanics of bolts and screws, but they cannot give the same impression than an intelligent software combined with user-friendly documented expert knowledge, because here all results are `living' dependent on the input. This provides an interactive communication between user and Screw-Designer; anybody can see the consequence of his design-changings online - by this educational approach of learning and understanding by doing the best effectiveness is realized.

The expert software, which is working for you, is focusing on the engineering requirements important for your future success. This means boosting your screw-designing work in five dimensions:

  1. time effective designing with significant cost saving
  2. simulation with rating of all characteristics
  3. meeting the demands for quality management
  4. providing a flexible tool for worldwide engineering
  5. new educational approach to fastening technology with bolts and screws.

Do you know, how much time is necessary for you or your engineers to design your bolted joints and are you sure, that this time is minimized? Are you sure, your bolted joints are optimized regarding preload, assembly, space, weight, reliability, cost, ...? Do you want to ensure already in the early development stage, that your fastening system does not fail?

If these questions are important for you, Screw-Designer opens to you a new way of engineering design process regarding threaded fastening systems.