Are you using bolts or screws for your components?

Then you are familiar with uncertainties in designing the right fastening system, which normally needs a lot of expensive engineering efforts for:

  • Clarifying of information and sorting of important influences,
  • calculation of variations,
  • getting suitable prototypes,
  • performing experimental testing,
  • carrying out an evaluation,
  • ... and finally working out a new redesign under time pressure, because the initial design failed ...

Wouldn't it be valuable to use a comprehensive tool for engineering design work, which detects all critical points of your bolted joints in advance?


 Screw-Designer - the solution

Screw-Designer is an intelligent calculation tool for all aspects of threaded fastening systems.



Screw-Designer and the process of product development

Screw-Designer supports you in all stages of your product development - so, it enables you to get a reliable design of your fastening system in shortest time.