The software platform should be established, working reliable, easy to use and flexible regarding different hardware environments. Therefore, Screw-Designer is based on MS Excel© as a well known software for all sorts of calculating tasks.

  • MS Excel© offers the advantage of full Windows©-compatibility, think on copying, pasting, additional evaluations, printing, macros, OLE and other Windows©-features generally available.
  • The software platform MS Windows© and MS Excel© is used all over the world, so many computers and people can work with Screw-Designer-files immediately, independent from the particular language.
  • The file-format is suitable for nearly all national Windows editions worldwide, which is very important for easy data exchange.
  • No installation of executable files is necessary - only open your Screw-Designer file and start your simulation and this on any Windows©-PC with MS Excel©. Screw-Designer knows no installation problems.
  • But do not think, Screw-Designer is only a simple worksheet. It is a complex software with all necessary features for convenient usage.