Calculation of torque and preload dependent on thread profile with equations of trigonometry; no linear interpolations for metric profile. This makes it possible to calculate all types of thread profiles.

  • Considering of finite and infinite life time for dynamic loading.
  • Considering of torsion decrease after tightening.
  • Considering of component separating.
  • Considering of preload-history for: tightening situation, preload after seating, preload after seating with additional relaxation, preload after seating and relaxation at operating temperature, preload after seating and relaxation at operating temperature with additional mechanical loading, residual preload, residual clamping force.
  • Considering of a nonlinear mathematical integration of local deformation of clamped part under compressive stress for determining the resilience of clamped part, elastically and exceeding the point of yielding.
  • All diagrams have indications for limits, so an evaluation and interpretation is easy.
  • Any parameter for simulation can be specified by the user resp. modified from the proposal of Screw-Designer.